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Take our SEO software for a tour so you can understand why it's as powerful as one would wish to be. This short video goes through cognitiveSEO's most relevant features and shows you how to make the most of it to achieve higher rankings.

Boost your link analysis and link building productivity.

If you're asking yourself what makes us different from the other SEO software applications on the web, here are some innovative features you won't find anywhere else. We've been working on them for the past 2 years to ensure cognitiveSEO is the tool that will set you apart from your competitors.

Link Previews

View backlink snapshots and find
Hidden and Javascript links.

We have developed an automated visual crawler that identifies the inbound links positions, super fast & super accurate. This will help you analyze & visualize large lists of backlinks with less pain and in a much shorter time. You really have to try this ... you will forget about those long - raw - ugly lists of link data. They will soon be history!

The system works similar to a visual crawler, rendering any webpage whatsoever (including Javascript and Ajax based websites)! You can use it to see the exact position on a webpage of all the inBound links you're interested in. And when we say exact, we mean just that: you will get a complete screenshot highlighting the identified links on that webpage. You will also get to see if that link is a Javascript link or a Hidden Link (like Facebook comments, for instance).

Link Classification

Spy on your competitors' link
building strategies.

The Link Classification feature will classify each analyzed link by its type (Blogroll, Blog Post, in Content Link, etc). Running a backlink analysis on your competitors allows you to find out where they’re hiding their most valuable links. Once you’ve figured it out where they’re getting traffic from, you can use those data to create a top-notch link building strategy for your site. Along with that, you can also take advantage of the timeline analysis to see the evolution of your site and your competitors’ sites.

Website Classification

Get insights into what kind of links
work best for you and your

Our powerful SEO software allows you to profile backlinks, by their structural type. This means you can see exactly the type of page it’s linking to, whether it’s a Blog, a Forum, an Ecommerce site or maybe a News site. If you’re running an analysis on your competitors, this classification can really come in handy when determining which type of sites seems to be more likely to link to you, based on your competitors’ profiles.

Content Category

Identify the contextual relevance
between the site and its
inBound Links.

This great feature will help identify the contextual category of the content on the inBound links. The software detects 19 categories such as Auto/Business/Travel/Gambling etc, in the English language. This information is particularly useful when trying to identify the naturalness of your backlinks profile or your competitors’. You can use this to see if you have links placed on sites that are totally out of your niche and that could affect your rankings negatively

The Fastest & Most Accurate Backlink Checker.

cognitiveSEO aggregates backlink data from several different backlink providers such as MajesticSEO, SEOmoz, blekko, ahrefs and SEOKicks.
Get the power of all the backlink providers under ONE ROOF and at ONE PRICE.

Fast Backlink Checker using Bookmarklets

zoom Super Fast & Powered-Up Report on ferrari.com

The system is as fast as its' backlink providers are, with an average report generation time of 5 to 15 seconds.

The proces will extract backlinks from each of the providers and mix the results in such a way that none of these providers individually will ever be able to report as UP-TO-DATE as cognitiveSEO reports.

You can use the system with the Bookmarklets that it comes with. This allows you to do even faster backlink analysis. Just drag and drop the Bookmarklets into your browser and start checking backlinks in seconds.

Yahoo Site Explorer Alternative

zoom Yahoo Site Explorer Alternative - Did it ever do this ? cognitiveSEO does!

Since Yahoo Site Explorer was closed a lot of SEO professionals are looking for an alternative for their backlink checking.

Compared to Yahoo Site Explorer, that was only giving you 1000 backlinks per analysis, we give you 50.000 backlinks per report on the top package.

The backlinks that cognitiveSEO reports are a mix of fresh and important links, thus providing you with the ability to view backlinks that appeared, and were crawled by the data providers, minutes ago.

Complete and UP-TO-DATE backlink data

zoom Would you get this much backlink data somewhere else, combined and enriched as it is here?

cognitiveSEO aggregates backlink data from blekko, ahrefs, SEOKicks, MajesticSEO and SEOmoz (metrics). By aggregating all these link providers we are able to generate reports that combine their individual powers into one fresh and complete stream of backlinks. Before the data is aggregated, it is based on the links' importance and appearance time, giving you fresh link data also.

No data is being cached, so if you run the same report twice in the same day, it might provide different, fresher, results, the second time it was run.

Power-Up reports

zoom Test

The Power-Up reports allow you to analyze up to 50.000 backlinks per report (on the Elite plan), thus giving you more competitive link intelligence into your competitors backlinks. These work the same as a normal report, with the exception that they will consume 8 backlink report credits.

Actionable Charts

zoom Zoom-In on any backlink you can think of!

As everything else in cognitiveSEO, the charts here are actionable also. Just click the charts and get a pop-up with the backlinks for the representative part of the chart you clicked on.

These are going together with the filters, that are detailed below.

Advanced Filters

zoom Did you see these Filters? Imagine a Power-Up report combined with these!

You can filter your reports in real time by Link Anchor Text, Deep or Homepage Links, Class C IPs and many more.

When you apply a filter all the charts are re-drawn, giving you a much more accurate visual preview of the filtered links. These filters, if applied well will yield amazing results for your link prospecting campaigns.

Easily analyze inBound Link Profiles.
Find quality link prospects.

Get the data you want for any website you’re interested in. inBound Link Analysis is one of cognitiveSEO's strongest points and it's what makes it so much powerful than any other link research tools out there. With cognitiveSEO you can stay up-to-date with your site stats as well as your competitors!

Get valuable insights with an unprecedented Backlink Analysis

zoom Get valuable insights with an unprecedented Backlink Analysis

Want to stay on top of your backlinks and see if they’re performing as well as you expect? Or maybe you want to find where your competitors are hiding their high-quality backlinks or where they’ve published a guest post that is sending them a lot of visitors? With our backlinks analysis you can keep an eye on your competition by monitoring their backlinks, no matter how many they are. Browsing large lists of backlinks will take you minutes, instead of hours, thus saving you lots of time you can use on other important tasks.

Beat your competitors at their own game with the Competitor Comparison

zoom Beat your competitors at their own game with the Competitor Comparison

Use the Competitor Comparison to spy on your competitors and get insights into their link building strategies. Compare your competitor's backlinks with yours and see where your competition is getting juicy links from and you aren’t.

View the evolution of your site & your competitors using the Timeline

zoom View the evolution of your site & your competitors using the Timeline

Want to see how your competitors’ sites are progressing and compare them against your evolution? Our Weekly Recurring Campaigns allow you to track the historical evolution of your competitor backlink profiles and monitor your own site each and every week! This includes Link Status, Link Positioning, noFollow and many more. This way you can see who’s putting in extra work, who’s keeping it steady and who’s dropping. If you’re an agency, you can easily use these data for your weekly reports.

The inBound Links Timeline is a great feature that empowers you to make real correlations between your rankings and your backlinks. This feature is also very powerful for Agencies that need to send Weekly Customer Reports.

On-demand Backlink Crawling

zoom On-demand Backlink Crawling

We are taking the link graph data from a variety of third-party providers and we then re-crawl everything for the selected sites. This gives an in-depth view on what links are valuable and which aren't.

When you request a new backlink analysis we send our crawlers to index all the backlinks that your subscription supports. Then we analyze each backlink individually for a variety of metrics and factors that we include in the final analysis, which is presented to you in the application interface when the analysis is finished.

The data is augmented with proprietary metrics and third-party metrics from SEOmoz and MajesticSEO.

Weekly Crawls & Analysis

zoom Weekly Crawls & Analysis

We can analyze your backlinks weekly if you want. You just have to mark that option in your Campaign and we’re on it. Save valuable time by getting weekly reports on your site and your competitors’ sites. See how your site is evolving and compare this evolution to your competitors. This is a very powerful tool to monitor the historical evolution of your site and your most important competitors.

inBound Link Profiles & Charts

zoom inBound Link Profiles & Charts

Profiling your Competitors and Comparing them to your own backlink profile makes it possible to gain a benchmark on the quality and number of backlinks that a competitor uses to rank on a particular keyword in Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Our actionable visualizations make the link research seem like a breeze.

You can see graphs & charts on metrics and properties such as "Website Type", "Website Category", "Website Language", "Domain TLD Distribution", "Website Hosting IPs & Countries", Outbound Links, SEOmoz & MajesticSEO metrics and many more.

Advanced Backlink & Profile Filtering

zoom Advanced Backlink & Profile Filtering

You can filter and profile the analyzed backlinks by any property and metric that we provide. To give a short example, you can filter to have the application report only the backlinks that are found in a Blog Post on Blogs with a mozRank in the interval of 4-7. These filters are very powerful and, if used properly, will give insight into the best links that your competitors have, links that you can acquire easily.

SEOmoz and MajesticSEO Integration

zoom SEOmoz and MajesticSEO Integration

With cognitiveSEO, you have access to SEOmoz and MajesticSEO metrics for each link we analyze so you can get the best insight into those big backlink lists.

Monitor your links the Smart way.
Manage your link partners the Easy way.

CognitiveSEO puts an end to Excel work so you can focus your time on link analysis and other important tasks. We want to show you that SEO and link building can be hassle-free and time-efficient when you’re using the right tools.

Be up-to-date on your favorite links 24/7

zoom Be up to date on your favorite links 24/7

Link statuses might change from one day to another. While checking them manually each and every single day might take hours of work, with the monitoring option from our Link Management module you'll only spend a few minutes of your time. You will see a clear overview of the links that have changed a day before as well as the week before.

Manage Link Building Partners in one place

zoom Manage Link Building Partners in one place

Keep all your backlink partners centralized in one place. Assign links to them and manage them easily.

Mismatch E-mail Notifications

zoom Mismatch E-mail Notifications

Get Daily E-mail Notifications that report any change in your monitored links. When any of the monitored parameters change you are notified about that particular link change by e-mail.

Track your rankings & monitor your competitors daily.
No proxies needed.

Track your rankings on the major search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo and compare them against your competitors’ to see where you stand. This is truly an indispensable tool for your SEO!

Track your rankings on Google, Bing & Yahoo

zoom Track your rankings on Google,Bing & Yahoo

How well are your keywords performing on the top 3 major search engines? Are you ranking better than your competitors for the keywords you’re targeting? With our Rank Tracking tool you can get all this information and a lot more. This way you can determine where you need to make changes to increase your rankings and be the first in your niche.

Compare your rankings to your competitors’

zoom Compare your rankings to your competitors’

See how your competitors are ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo and for which keywords. Compare their sites against yours to see if maybe you’re missing an opportunity, keyword wise, or if you should focus more on a specific keyword.

50 countries support

zoom 50 countries support

Do you have clients or sites in the United States? UK? HUNGARY? cognitiveSEO can monitor rankings from 50 different countries. This will allow you to bring your clients under one roof, benefiting you with huge time savings.

Increase productivity & collaborate easier.

Working in a team can sometimes be time-consuming, but not with cognitiveSEO! The SEO project management tool will help you manage your team efficiently and collaborate easier, so that your productivity level goes through the roof!

Manage your team efficiently

zoom Manage your team efficiently

No more waiting for emails from your team members just to find out what’s the status of a project. As an administrator you can see the current list of tasks your team is working on (including the completed tasks) so you are kept updated with their progress at all times. This way you’ll never miss a deadline again! Work more efficiently with your team and increase productivity. That’s the focus of our TO-Dos tool.

Assign & Manage to-dos with deadlines

zoom Assign & Manage to-dos with deadlines

When a team is organized and each member knows what his to-dos are and when they’re supposed to deliver, the team’s productivity increases and things get done faster. Each person will know what's on his to-do list and you will all be able to work better as a team and get better results. Adding To-dos can be done from anywhere in the application, in the fastest and most reliable way. Setting and Managing Deadlines takes seconds.

Manage your own To-do Lists

zoom Manage your own To-do Lists

Organize your to-dos in lists so that you can manage them as easy as possible. Create,rename and delete To-do lists in seconds.

Keep your work-flow organized.
Research & Track at the same time.

Working with several clients at the same time can get a little messy. But cognitiveSEO can help you get all that chaos organized so you can work more efficiently.

What is a Campaign?

zoom What is a Campaign?

A campaign is a website you’re analyzing. Once you add all the information about it – including competitors – you can run the analysis and then get an accurate and detailed report on that site to see how it’s performing.

Access Permissions

zoom Access Permissions

As an administrator you have full control over who gets to see what. You can create and customize profiles by workflow or by clients so that team members only have access to the campaigns they’re working on and clients to their own campaigns. You can easily limit that access and decide what each person can see.

Team collaboration

zoom Team colaboration

Work efficiently with your team while managing several campaigns at once. Determine which team member works on what campaign so you can save time and get better results as a team.

E-mail Notifications

zoom E-mail Notifications

Get email notifications each time something changes in your campaigns. This way you are kept up-to-date with any changes that might occur.

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